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Internal Assessment

20% of marks in theory papers are reserved for internal assessment based on regularity in the attendance, two written test examinations arranged during the academic session. 50% of marks in practical at all levels are reserved for internal assessment of the students based on his/her performance in the laboratory during his/her stays in college.

A student has to pass in internal assessment and external examination separately.

Break up of 20% marks of internal assessment:
Break Up of 20 Marks
(of subjects having max 100 marks)
Break Up of 30 Marks
(of subjects having max 150 marks)
Computer Application
First Test 7.5 Marks 11.0 Marks 5.0 Marks
Second Test 7.5 Marks 11.5 Marks 5.0 Marks
Attendence 5.0 Marks 7.5 Marks 4.0 Marks
Total 20.0 Marks 30.0 Marks 14.0 Marks
Break up of marks of attendance:
Below 75% Shortage Shortage Shortage
75 - 80% 2.0 Marks 3.0 Marks 1.6 Marks
80.01 - 85% 3.0 Marks 4.5 Marks 2.4 Marks
85.01 - 90% 5.0 Marks 6.0 Marks 3.2 Marks
90.01 - 100% 5.0 Marks 7.5 Marks 4.0 Marks

External Evaluation

80% of the total marks in theory and 50% of the total marks in practical are reserved for external evaluation. A student is permitted to take the university examination subject to the fulfilment of the following eligibility requirements:
  • The student pays the university examination fee at the time of submission of the examination form.
  • A student cannot sit in the university examination unless he/she has attended 75% of the total lectures delivered during the session in each theory subject and a minimum of 30 practical session in each science subject involving practical.
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