Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Number of scholarships and financial assistance as detailed below are given by various agencies to students of the following categories:

  • Scholarships for SC/ST/RBA/Pahari students State Govt.
  • Scholarships for low income group students State Govt.
  • National Loan scholarships Govt. of India.
  • National Merit scholarships Govt. of India.
  • Minority scholarships Govt. Of India.

In addition to the above-mentioned scholarships, Financial Assistance is given to the deserving poor students by the college out of the Students Aid Fund. However, the criteria for the financial assistance to the deserving students are decided by the concerned committee appointed for the purpose on the basis of guidelines issued by the Government. Students are required to apply for various Scholarships or Financial Assistance on the prescribed application form. The scholarship and financial assistance are, however, awarded to deserving students subject to the following conditions:

  • A good conduct.
  • Satisfactory progress report in the studies.
  • Regularity in attendance.
  • A report of the tutor in-charge
  • Income/Category certificates issued by the competent authority

Guardians of the students applying for any scholarship must give an undertaking that in case his/her ward participates in strikes or any other subversive activities, he/she will refund the amount of the scholarship received by his/her ward in one installment.
In no case a student will get more than one scholarship in a year.